Do Silk Pillowcases Prevent Wrinkles? (The Science Behind It)

Do Silk Pillowcases Prevent Wrinkles? (The Science Behind It)

When it comes to preventing wrinkles, there are many different tricks people use throughout the day. Creams, serums, masks and more are all common solutions (including our very own Forever Devine). One of the most common simple suggestions to a lot of people comes down to the type of pillowcase used every night.

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How to Care For Your Skin in Your 50s and 60s

Skincare for 50s and 60s

If a person wants to have healthy looking skin, they need to take care of it and develop habits at an early age. Unfortunately, none of us can go back in time and correct mistakes made in the past, but there is still something that can be done about skin to make it look great as we age.

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7 Anti-Aging Foods For Glowing, Vibrant Skin

Anti-Aging foods you should be eating for a glowing and vibrant skin.

To properly fight against aging, and entire mindset needs to be in place. Creams and moisturizers are a great starting point, but making lifestyle changes will increase the benefits as well.

Diet is something that nearly everyone understands needs to be squared away, but if you put in the effort. Are there anti-aging foods to help the skin glow? Incorporate these types of foods to see increased benefits.

Green tea

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Want To Look 30 When You’re 50? Stop Doing These 8 Things

Look 30 when you're 50 with Forever Divine!

We put so much premium on youth because it signifies hope and beauty. But aging is a fact of life and sooner or later, smooth, blemish-free skin will start to show lines and begin to sag. But if you can’t stop aging, can you at least delay its effects? You just might, if you take action now to preserve your youthful looks. With some effort, it is possible to look 30 when you’re 50. Here are 8 things to start avoiding today.

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